Santa Barbara Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Weiser, DDS

Santa Barbara dentist, Dr. Mark T. Weiser, believes a smile is the ultimate symbol of underlying confidence, beauty, elegance, and glamour.

How do you choose a smile as powerful as you? Where can you find smile designs that make you smile? You've come to the right place- a place where we make it simple to smile.

Dr. Weiser is recognized by multiple media outlets throughout Santa Barbara for his Smile Designs. His experience of over 29 years has made him into an artisan with a single passion: handcrafting the world's most beautiful and brilliant smiles. His reputation recieves National Media Attention, he has appeared on "ABC's Extreme Makeover" along with "A Brand New You" which aired on BBC.

So as you begin planning for your own healthy, beautiful smile, allow Dr. Weiser and his professionally trained cosmetic dental team the privilege of guiding you through the art and science of your very own sparkling smile.

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